Is a basic product that can be used directly or processed further. Blocks can be made with ordinary materials or special anti-fire materials or known as Flame Retardant. EPS Block is produced in various levels of density with Kgs / M3 units.


Is a piece made from EPS block with a size that varies to a maximum reaching the size of the beam

Density & Application

We can produce EPS block ranging from density 10 to 45 kg / m3 with dimensions of 6000x1200x615 mm and 6000x1000x615 mm

Low Density (10-12 kg/m3)

Flowers board, cecoration, room isolation, buoy

Medium Density (14-18 kg/m3)

Wall decoration, pillar, furniture houseware, electronic packaging

Hard Density (20-25 kg/m3)

Machine casting, glass/wood packaging, cold storage wall

Extra Hard Density (28-45 kg/m3)

Geofoam, concrete mixture addition, blast freezer wall